We are just two ordinary people, coming from two separate backgrounds that have been walking down the same path with one common desire; the desire to make a difference in our world. We believe nutrition(NeoLife) is where it begins in getting people to BE THE ONE.

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  • Abilities over Appearance
    posted 2 weeks ago

    Today we’re often judged on our appearance rather than our abilities. When will we say enough? I’m fed up with this whole surface over soul. T.v. commercials, radio, magazines, friends, and even partners too, all say and promote this be you, but be perfect too… And even worse in the midst of trying to embody […]

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  • Challenge Yourself to Be Your Best!
    posted 3 weeks ago

    In honor of the New Year I have decided to kick it off with a 90 Day Fitness Challenge. Not only do I hope to improve myself but to win prizes along the way. 30 Day Challenge ($1000 CASH), 90 Day Challenge ($1000 in products and $500 in gear)! Many people are intimidated and deterred […]

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We all hold a little power, and together we can light up the world.