We are just two ordinary people, coming from two separate backgrounds that have been walking down the same path with one common desire; the desire to make a difference in our world. We believe nutrition(NeoLife) is where it begins in getting people to BE THEIR BEST.

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  • X The Self Movement.
    posted 4 months ago

    The world around us has fallen into this “you” movement. Publicizing and promoting the words me, myself, and I through radio, television, and social media. As Christians we have to be careful not to fall into this movement, but to move for God. The question is… do you want more of you or more of […]

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  • God intends to get work done through YOU
    posted 11 months ago

    What’s motivating and driving you everyday? Many of us don’t know. We’re living our day to day lives stuck on auto-pilot. We’re letting other things control us. Why? I believe it’s because most of us have lost hope, lost ourselves, and don’t believe we have any power to do anything different. This is why most […]

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We all hold a little power, and together we can light up the world.